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MotoGP is the world's longest running premier motorcycling championship since 1949.

With speeds of up to 350 km/h, bikes are millimeters apart. Riders drag kness AND elbows on the pavement with lean angles of 64 degrees common. A 50-minute races can decided by fractions of a second over tracks around 5km in length. Brno circuit is 5.4 km with the race of 22 laps, making a 118.8 km race. We have known the top three riders to finish within 0.1 second of each other. THAT is exciting.

There are 3 classes participating in most MotoGP events: Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP

Moto3 class is restricted to single-cylinder 250 cc four-stroke engines with a maximum bore of 81 mm (3.2 inches).The minimum total weight for motorcycle and rider is 148 kg (326 lb). Riders in the Moto3 class cannot be older than 28 years, or 25 years for new contracted riders participating for the first time and wild-cards.

Moto2 class is a single engine specification: 600cc four stroke engines supplied by Honda.

MotoGP is a prototype class of 1000cc 4 stroke machines. Full factory teams from Yamaha, Honda, Ducati, Aprilia and Suzuki participate, with further manufacturers and lesser specification machines operating in a sub-class known as the "Open" class.

MotoGP is the aspiration of every motorcycle racer, and there have been numerous superheroes and world champions; the latest being the incredible Spaniard Marc Marquez, who in 2014 took his second premier class world championship, at the age of just 21! Other world champions still participating are Valentino Rossi (Italian), Jorge Lorenzo (Spanish) and Nicky Hayden (American).

Pole Position Travel is heavily involved in the sport, sponsoring 7 riders in 2015 and partners with 4 teams - 3 in MotoGP and one in Moto3.

See the MotoGP calendar for this season to the right.

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Superbike World Championship (also known as SBK, World Superbike, WSB, or WSBK) is the worldwide Superbike racing Championship. The championship was founded in 1988.

The Superbike World Championship season consists of a series of rounds held on permanent racing facilities. Each round has two races and the results of each race are combined to determine two annual World Championships, one for riders and one for manufacturers.

The motorcycles that race in the championship are tuned versions of motorcycles available for sale to the public, by contrast with MotoGP where purpose built machines are used. MotoGP is the motorcycle world's equivalent of Formula One, whereas Superbike racing is similar to touring car racing.

There is one Superbike class, and three support classes, generally appearing at European rounds and some world-wide events:

Superbike: 1000cc bikes based on a 'standard' manufacturers model, with considerable enhancements

Supersport: 600cc bikes of nearly standard manufacture

Superstock 1000: 1000cc bikes which are essentially "stock" (e.g. what anyone can purchase from the shops). Age limit of 24 years.

Superstock 600: 600cc stock bikes, only raced in Europe with riders 15-20 years old.

With more races thatn MotoGP and generally better access to the paddock, bikes and teams; SBK appeals strongly to the serious motorcycle enthusiast. Also with multiple factories competing at the top, the series constantly throws up surprises and tight racing. In many ways, an SBK weekend can be evben more rewarding than MotoGP -- and is certainy better value for money!

We are partners with the 2013 World Champion factory team Kawasaki Racing. All of our SBK customers are treated as VIP team guests and get to get right to the heart of the sport, inside their garage and hospitality.

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Less formally organised than the world series of MotoGP and WorldSBK, road racing is all about racing motorcycles on public roads (which are closed for the occasion!). By far the most famous of these is the Isle of Man TT, to which we have been running VIP tours since 2012.

Established in 1907, the TT ("Tourist Trophy") is the longest running motosports event in the world. Every year the sleepy Isle of Man comes alive for two weeks of motorcycle mayhem - and the island swells by 50,000 or more people.

Racing is done on ordinary island roads, over the Snaefell Mountain Course which is 60.7 km (37.75 miles) long. The current lap record was set in 2014 by New Zealander Bruce Antsey 17:06.682 in 2014, with an average speed of 132.298mph (212.913 km/h).

Racing is done as a time trial - bikes leave the start area at 10 second intervals, and the winner is the racer with the lowest overall time around the course for the designated number of laps. The climax is the Senior TT race (Superbikes) on Friday of race week, which is 6 laps, or 364.2 km (226.5 miles) taking nearly 2 hours. Yet despite these distances, races are frequently decided by less than 0.1 seconds!

Unlike the short circuit racing of MotoGP and SBK, spectators can get extremely close to the bikes. On our tour we visit a spot where the bikes are travelling at over 150mph with nothing between you and the bike 1-2m away except some grass! (Don't worry, we and the marshalls enforce strict safety beheviour!) In our VIP Platinum offering, customers get an opportunity to sample the course first hand as they do a fast lap in an official car over the closed course!

Quite simply, this is the greatest motorcycle event on the planet. We will be expanding our tours to Road Racing events over the coming years.

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Marc Marquez takes the world championship in 2013

The MotoGP Season

Malaysia -1 01-Feb  Sepang MotoGP Test
Australia 0 17-Feb  Phillip Island MotoGP Test
Qatar 1 26-Mar  Grand Prix of Qatar
Argentina 2 09-Apr  Argentina Grand Prix
USA 3 23-Apr  Texas Grand Prix
Spain 4 07-May  Gran Premio De España
France 5 21-May  Grand Prix De France
Italy 6 04-Jun  Gran Premio D’Italia
Spain 7 11-Jun  Gran Premi De Catalunya
Netherlands 8 25-Jun  Dutch TT
Germany 9 02-Jul  Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland
Czech Republic 10 06-Aug  Grand Prix České republiky
Austria 11 13-Aug  Austrian Grand Prix
United Kingdom 12 27-Aug  British Grand Prix
Italy 13 10-Sep  Gran Premio San Marino
Spain 14 24-Sep  Gran Premio de Aragón
Japan 15 15-Oct  Grand Prix of Japan
Australia 16 22-Oct  Australian Grand Prix
Malaysia 17 29-Oct  Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix
Spain 18 12-Nov  Gran Premio Valencia


Loris Baz of our partners Kawasaki enjoys a podium

The World SBK Season

Australia 1 26-Feb  WSBK Australia
Thailand 2 12-Mar  WSBK Thailand
Spain 3 02-Apr  WSBK Aragon
Netherlands 4 30-Apr  WSBK Assen
Italy 5 14-May  WSBK Imola
Great Britain 6 28-May  WSBK Donington
Italy 7 18-Jun  WSBK San Marino
USA 8 09-Jul  WSBK USA
Germany 9 20-Aug  WSBK Germany
Portugal 10 17-Sep  WSBK Portugal
France 11 01-Oct  WSBK Magny Cours
Spain 12 22-Oct  WSBK Jerez
Qatar 13 04-Nov  WSBK Qatar


Loris Baz of our partners Kawasaki enjoys a podium

TT, Exhibitions & other events

UK 13-May  Northwes
Isle of Man 09-Jun  Isle of Man TT
Isle of man 13-Jul  Southern 100
UK 12-Aug  Ulster Grand
Isle of Man 28-Aug  Isle of Man Classic TT
China 19-Nov  Macau Grand

Representation in UK +44 191 406 6260 Republic of Ireland +353 1 657 1933  USA +1 800 501 0302
Australia +61 3 8376 7755 South Africa +27 10 500 3898  Czech Republic +420 222 313 663 France +33 2 76 64 02 27 Spain +34 96 314 0375