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Maintaining existing and gaining new customers is essential in today's business environment. Why not invite your top clients and partners for a weekend to remember or reward your employees for a job well done. Your customers as well as your employees may remember you, rather than look towards the competition. Building on personal relationships and building trust has to be one of the major objectives. Take your clients and partners for a MotoGP or SBK weekend and build relationships outside the workplace. Read More


Each successful MotoGP rider has a team working in unison behind him, with a common goal in sight: success, victory and the world championship. Working alone will only result in failure. Your team will be inspired by the tight machinations of a MotoGP race team, the perfect incentive to aim for world-class success in your own championship. Read More


The Pole Position Travel team is a dynamic, international and multilingual group of people that will ensure your corporate event will be a first class experience. The team carefully reviews every enquiry to determine the best program for the given event.

As part of our added value, we appoint local 'destination managers' who help ensure that all goes smoothly and our clients get the best from the sports weekend. Local knowledge and local language are critical to success.

Together with our event managers, we provide:

  • Hotels: We hand-pick hotels which offer outstanding quality and services in their range. Our deluxe packages always feature the best hotel in the region to guarantee the top event experience.
  • Transport: We organise VIP transport (cars, helicopters, limousine) to get our clients as efficiently and comfortably as possible from hotel to circuit.
  • Entertainment: We plan receptions and parties as well as cultural excursions to provide our clients with a full programme of activities for the weekend.
  • Expertise: We know all critical information about the destination to be able to assist our clients with travel and maximise their VIP experience!
  • Inside Access: We can get you access into areas where the general public is not allowed. Due to our sponsorship of several teams and riders, we are able to introduce you to riders, get you in the paddock and more...



We can tailor any MotoGP weekend to your specific needs. View our sample program... Download >


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