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Pole Position Travel is experienced at the placement of sponsorships in moto sports. We are sponsors ourselves, and act as a "neutral" third party helping anyone interested to get the most value and meet goals from their sponsorship expenditures.

There are two main motivations when you consider sponsorship:

  • A mechanism to have a one-off "blow the doors off" experience at a MotoGP, SBK or Road Race (see "Weekend King" below)
  • A long term investment to bring attention to your products and brands, as well as an opportunity to be personally closely connected with the sport over the course of a season

More on these approaches below.


In general, you can consider sponsorship at many levels:

Team Sponsorship - You are associated with the team as a whole, with opportunities for branding on bikes, garages, web sites and more. Best for corporate sponsorships and building a long term relationship with a team/brand and it's values and goals. Consider a one-off "Team Weekend" to get a taste of the team and what could be done. Opportunities range from small logo placements to full title sponsorships. You might be surprised, but title sponsorships of top MotoGP team may even be available!

Personal Sponsorship - You are associated with a specific rider. Generally much less expensive than Team sponsorship, perfect for developing a personal relationship and watching a career grow. Best done while the rider is young and on the move up! We have been especially successful in spotting young talent at early stages in their careers.

Event Sponsorship - Association with a specific event such as a MotoGP round. Especially good for your home event or where you wish to impress locally. A wide range of opportunities exist here across a vast range of costs.

Series Sponsorship - It is even possible to sponsor at the entire series level, such as World SBK. This of course gives maximum exposure!


You might be surprised at how relatively inexpensive sponsorships in MotoGP and our other motor sports are. F1 attracts the glam and glory and is phenomenally expensive, orders of magnitude greater than MotoGP for example. While you don't get as many viewers overall in MotoGP, the value for money is substantially more!

Like any marketing expenditure, it matters most how you capitalise on your involvement in the sport. Of course one of the great fringe benefits is that you get to go, and bring top colleagues, customers & friends to some pretty cool sporting events!

While all sponsorships are negotiable, costs for personal sponsorships can start as low as €3000, you can get involved with a team from as little as say €10,000, mid-level MotoGP team sponsorships starting around €100,000, up to top title sponsorships which exceed €1m. Best is to set a budget and goals, then we can help find the right match.

Many sponsors we have spoken with or have been involved with cite tremendous success with their sponsorship activities in MotoGP and moto sports. This is often why many names do not change year on year. Some factors mentioned:

  • World wide brand recognition
  • Able to use brands and images from the sport in own marketing campaigns, press and internet
  • Ability to bring key colleagues, customers and guests to top events and be treated as VVIPS
  • Personal satisfaction at helping a sport you love
Ultimately your benefit from sponsorship is yours to make, but we at the Pole Position Group can help you maximise your value and fun!


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In addition to our standard travel and hospitality services, we have been involved in the referral or placement of a number of sponsorships over the years, totalling over €10m. We act as a professional advisor and can help manage expectations and direct your budget to its best use. We operate totally confidentially and independently. Of course we have teams and riders we work with - indeed we sponsor quite a few ourselves - but this doesn't blind us to wider possibilities. We have relationships with many key people in the MotoGP, SBK and TT paddocks, and usually know where to turn to "get the job done".

There is no cost to you in using our advice and services. We do take commissions from sponsorees, but these are paid by them and are usually negotiated at a flat rate beforehand, thus removing any temptation (which we would resist in any case!) that we would seek deals more beneficial to us: our focus is exclusvely on helping you achieve the best possible result from your support.

To open a confidential discussion, please see our contact details on our Pole Position Group web site.


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Be King for a weekend!

If you want to get a 'taste' of sponsorship, or simply have an amazing weekend for you and your friends, colleagues or clients, consider a one-event sponsorship of a MotoGP or Moto2/3 Team.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Your name/logo prominently displayed in the garage and hospitality
  • A small logo on the bike and/or rider
  • Paddock passes for you and your group for full access all weekend
  • Top hospitality inside the paddock - food, drinks, dinner Saturday night
  • Your very own UMBRELLA girl! Wearing a uniform customised with your logo. Good photo opportunities...
  • Two passes for the START GRID (for the grid of your team)
  • A private tour of the SERVICE ROAD in the official BMW shuttle
  • One place in the official COURSE CAR for a fast lap of the track
  • Two TRACK PASSES so you can go onto the service road and see "your" bike(s) up close and fast
  • Official Team Merchandise
  • Professional photo shoot with you and your party (and bikes, girls, riders, as you wish ) so that you have plenty of imagery as keepsakes and to use in your marketing
  • A Pole Position Travel guide to look after you and your party at the event
  • And of course all Pole Position Travel services such as accommodation, transfers, flights or whatever you need, offered at "trade rates" as if we were selling directly to the team (or its sponsors)

Costs vary by team and your specific requirements (and some variation depending on event chosen), we can quote an exact figure on request.


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